Raster2Vector software from GibbsCAM college

CAM Solutions Raster 2 Vector
Student Edition
$24.95 CAD

Finally, a module that allows users to convert JPEG and BMP files into vector drawings inside of GibbsCAM! This plug in will work in GibbsCAM 2010 and GibbsCAM 2011 versions.
GBS301 Edu



eNETDNC Pro Editor Student Edition
$49.95 CADeNetDNC Pro Editor has many intuitive features to make editing your CNC files much easier, whether you're modifying an existing file or creating a new CNC file you will find the tools in eNetDNC Pro Editor will speed up the process.
The interactive plotting features in the eNetDNC Pro Editor also help in quickly verifying CNC code and finding mistakes. Call us today to get a free trial.

  • Instant viewing of CNC tool path, so you can be sure you have the right part and there are no errors. Also all commands related to plotting can be changed on the fly.

  • While plotting turn on or off any tool or multiple tools for viewing.

  • Allows plotting of most canned cycles.

  • Advanced file compare - Allows easy viewing of differences between files and selecting what to keep and what to discard. Unlimited files size for comparing even if one file has over 100 new lines.

  • Intuitive spacing - When turned on the software will add spaces between each G code value as displayed on The CNC. These spaces will not be saved in the file they are for viewing purposes only. If the file already has spaces in will not double space them.

  • Intuitive Numbering - When turned on, will automatically number or re-number the CNC file, according to the configuration.

  • Themes - You can load or create your own themes to change the look of the editor.

  • Advanced File Properties - Shows all the minimum and maximum values of all the G codes used in the file. You can also show all the tools. You can click on any value to go right to that line in the program.

  • Advanced Modify Properties - Mass modify any part of the program or all of the program with this feature.

  • Print in landscape or portrait in as many columns as you like, and you can also add a custom header.

  • Unlimited undo's.

  • More utilities and charts to assist in CNC programming.

  • Pin any utility screen for easy recall.