3 Manual pack from Cam-Solutions
Level 2 Bundle

This bundle contains the Advanced CS Milling, 3D Solids and Rotary Milling textbooks

Each textbook contains a set of tutorials that will enhance the learning experience.

The Advanced CS Millingtextbook will get you started with manipulating user created Coordinate Systems to define the angle of the tool when machining features that are not planar to the main Coordinate System.

The 3D Solids textbook will help you create a program used to machine a guitar body. You will create geometry, solids and tool paths to machine the guitar body in GibbsCAM. If you have a machine you can create your guitar body with the included instructions. We also offer a guitar kit that will include wood and components to build the guitar shown in the textbook.

The Rotary Milling textbook will teach you the skills needed to create tool paths that use a rotary axis in conjunction with the linear axes to machine features along a radial surface that are not possible with a simple 3-axis tool path.