Guitar Kit Bundles:
CAM Solutions manuals and kits are designed for the first time user. What a great way to learn about CAD/CAM! From high school students
to adults — it is sure to strike a chord.

Guitar bundle kit number 1

Manual/Guitar Kit with Basswood Blank
Start with a solid model and generate tool-path to cut your guitar body. Create your own geometry, building it into a solid model and lastly
machining it into a guitar body. Setup instructions suggest how to fixture your wood on your machining table and machine both sides.

Guitar kit Basswood Blank
All the parts required to build the guitar are included. All the screws, plates, tuning pegs, tremolo parts and even the guitar strings are there. The pickguard is prewired with single coil pickups. The maple guitar neck has a rosewood fret board with the frets and truss rod already installed. GTRKITBUN-1