GibbsCAM Class Room Edition

The Class Room Edition is available to anyone wanting to learn GibbsCAM software in their own environment and at their own pace.  

The Class Room Edition of GibbsCAM 2011 provides a low-cost version of GibbsCAM software to facilitate teaching Computer-Aided Manufacturing in educational institutions. Educational GibbsCAM differs from Industrial GibbsCAM in the following respects:

  • The interface and posting are branded "Educational - Not for Commercial Use"
  • Posting is branded specifically to each school.
  • It cannot export, save or copy/paste to any format except the current Educational version.
  • File formats are intentionally incompatible with the Industrial edition. File extensions are:
    • .evnc - Parts
    • .eprc - Processes
    • .epst - Posts

Educational GibbsCAM Classroom seats can be secured by Network Licensing Option (NLO), software lock, or hardware key.

Modules included in this edition:

  • Production Mill
  • Production Turning
  • Advanced CS
  • Solids Import
  • Solid Surfacer
  • Rotary Milling


CAM Solutions Raster2Vector

A module that allows users to convert JPEG and BMP files into vector drawings inside of GibbsCAM.

eNetDNC ProEditor

eNetDNC Pro Editor has many intuitive features to make editing your CNC files much easier, whether your modifying an existing file or creating a new CNC file you will find the tools in eNetDNC Pro Editor will speed up the process. The interactive plotting features in the eNetDNC Pro Editor also help in quickly verifying CNC code and finding mistakes.
eNETDNC is an Ethernet based CNC file management system that allows the user to connect CNC machine controls using an existing computer network. Providing reliable, secure, flexible and cost effective solution to manage your program files.

In addition to the basic DNC functions the eNETDNC system includes a full-featured CNC file editor. The editor provides useful programming tools including 2-D and 3-D back plotting and Smart File Compare. System security protects CNC files from unapproved access while providing machinists downloading capabilities.